Supporting Aboriginal Business

Because Mishkumi is an Aboriginal company, we help our clients support job creation and economic diversity as part of the Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business (PSAB). The PSAB and the Set-Aside program ensure that Aboriginal companies are more equitably and proportionally represented when it comes to working with the Government of Canada. They also support the ability of companies like Mishkumi to hire more staff, expand their reach and enhance how they serve customers.


Mishkumi at its core is a small business supplier to the Government of Canada. We sell, integrate, service, and support departments’ IT product requirements. We also assist the large technology manufacturers by facilitating RVDs, RFPs, DISOs, and NMSOs on their behalf.

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Mishkumi  assists the federal government with their IM/IT staffing needs through consultancy placement services.  We pride ourselves in bringing over 20 years of staffing experience within the National Capital Region.

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Dedicated to clean tech and energy storage solution.
Mishkumi contributes to the research and development of clean high-density energy storage solutions to improve the sustainability of existing energy storage devices and reduce the environmental footprint associated with the production and disposal of these devices.

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