Pre-Delivery Service

Mishkumi’s Pre-Delivery Service provides for a single one time PC pre-configuration at Mishkumi’s location as well as a pre-delivery operating system backgrade installation option.

Pre-configuration Service

  • Install all upgrades and components purchased through the Mishkumi NMSO configurator;
  • Install client applications; and
  • Install all client specified drivers specific to client requirements.

 Archiving Service

Mishkumi will upon written request archive client images for a duration agreed to in writing.

Image Migration Service

Mishkumi provides image migration services to assist clients with migrating PC hard drive images from an end-of-life PC to a new replacement PC. This service is capable of migrating across disparate PC manufacturers, model and operating systems as needed. Normally this service is offered to clients wishing to migrate at least 100 images at one time and the Mishkumi billing structure is set up accordingly.

Image Migration Services

  • Migrate user applications;
  • Migrate user data; and
  • Migrate user preferences